10 Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Moving is a huge project. Oftentimes, it is filled with additional expenses and complications. Though you cannot prepare for everything, by taking care of several home improvement projects before you move in, you can do yourself a huge favor. Aside from saving you money, doing these home improvement projects can also save you a lot of headaches and time.


After you purchase a home, it is quite usual to refloor it since the flooring takes on a lot of wear and tear. However, it is a huge project. This means that it will cost a lot. But, ignoring the flooring of your home will only cost you more money in the long run. That’s why you should always refloor the flooring before you move in.

Interior Painting

Whenever you do not have to worry about covering up furnishings or clearing out rooms, painting the home’s interior is much easier. So, before you move in, consider painting the interior of your home. Also, it is much more cost effective if you are hiring a professional to do the task.


Before you move in, you should take the required precautionary steps to protect your pets or kids from household hazards. Whether it is installing edge and corner bumpers, securing cabinets, or covering outlets, you must do childproofing adjustments before your kids or pets walk through the door.


If left untreated, any leak can cause huge damage, big or small. Thus, do not waste any time getting it fixed if your home inspector alerted you to a leak.

Cooling and Heating Filters

By causing the unit to work inefficiently, a cooling or heating unit with a faulty or old filter can cost you a lot of money. A new filter is affordable and the installation is very easy.

Batteries in Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Alarms

Not every home inspector examines the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Instead of doing nothing, it is much safer to replace its batteries. It will only take several minutes to pop in new batteries.

Exterior Locks

You’ve got no idea who else might have duplicates of the key. Before you move in, hire a locksmith to replace every single exterior lock. This will provide you peace of mind. With this, you know that you’re the only one who has access to your house.


You are likely going to want to install a fence, especially if you’ve got kids or pets. Get this task taken care of early if you know you are going to fence in your yard.

Close Shelving and Organization

Before your first box of items arrive, hire a professional to install closet fixtures. With this, you will be able to plan for what you require exactly.

Popcorn Walls and Ceilings

There is a high possibility that you will run across popcorn walls or ceilings if you are moving into an old house. Popcorn walls or ceilings contain irritants, such as asbestos. This means that you should better remove them. Save the trouble and time by getting this job done ahead of time.