3 Things to Consider When Moving With School Age Children

As parents, it can be easy to overlook what our kids may be going through because of the fatigue, long list of responsibilities, and stresses that we go through when planning for and going through a move.

Here is a list of significant things to consider when moving with school-age children.

Emotional or Social Considerations

For kids, any type of change can be really scary. It’s usual for school-aged kids to amplify in their minds anything that’s even producing slight fear.

Thus, while they might not overtly show or express their worries or stress level on the outside, kids are sometimes affected even more than their parents by a move.

Kids will mask their anxiety, concerns, depression, or fears more often than their parents. This is because they don’t want to burden their parents or they aren’t aware of their underlying emotions.

Be wary of how much the moving process can affect your kids and encourage them to speak about their concerns and feelings. Do this in an environment that is nurturing and calm, such as a “special dinner”.

Practical Considerations

To make sure that your kids make a smooth transition into their new school, you need to ensure that you’ve done all the required preparatory work. To know if there’s any detail that will be significant to inform to your kid’s new teachers about their preferences, needs, or strengths, talk to your children’s current teachers. Talk to the new teachers to make sure if your kids will need to do any catch-up work. This will ensure that your kids are in similarity with the other kids. Give your kids with whatever help or tutoring they need if required. This will help them be happy and optimally successful at the new school.

To make sure that your kids will be able to quickly make friends, do everything you can. Try to enroll your kids in local after-school leagues or classes. Look into groups or classes your kids may enjoy if you attend a house of worship. If possible, try to talk to the parents of your kid’s new classmates and set up play dates.

Other Things to Consider

If someone is local, it is ideal to have your kids stay with a trusted good friend, family member, or grandparent on the actual day of the move. This will keep your kids happily engaged and safe.

If that isn’t possible, hire someone to babysit and spend the day with you. That person should tend to your kid’s needs and look after their safety.

Ahead of time, prepare enough drink and food. The food must be easy to eat and non-perishable. To keep your kids positive, include in your food storage some of their favorite treats and foods.

To keep your kids entertained during the process of moving, prepare ahead books, games, and toys.

During the process, your kids are going to want to relax or take a nap. It is ideal to always have a pillow, blanket, or other comfortable items prepared.