6 Reasons Why Planning Your Summer Move in the Winter Saves You Money

There are a lot of reasons not to begin planning your move 4 months in advance. However, when you unexpectedly realize you are moving in 3 days, those reasons do not seem so smart.

You’ve got even more reasons to plan early on if you are looking to move during summer. This is because most people move during this time.

Utilize Extra Time for Your Homework

One huge reason why a lot of people end up with unreliable and bad movers is that they did not do their homework.

You have to give yourself a lot of time to look for the best and reliable movers if you are moving in the summer. Most professional movers are fully booked during this season.

Plan Your Sales-Rep Walk-Through

Just like movers, moving company sales representatives are also busy as the summer approaches. They are often even busier than the movers.

Your sales representatives may notice things you would not even consider. This includes having your huge fish tank crated or massive office desk is not going to fit out the door.

You Will Establish a Relationship with Your Mover

You do not want a lot of confused strangers showing up on moving day if you want to be efficient. To generate a good vibe for you and the movers, you should get to know each other before the actual move day. In addition to that, having time to bring up concerns and ask questions helps your movers get ready for the job beforehand.

You May Get a Better Price

If you hire professional movers in the middle of May, we cannot certainly assure that you will end up paying more. However, we are absolutely sure that, by waiting until the last minute to book your movers, you will not save yourself any money.

You will probably get a much better deal on your rental truck if you are a couple months ahead of the actual move. Also, you will have a higher chance of finding the right size of the rental truck.

You will Avoid Last-Minute Expenses

You will be going certainly crazy tackling a lot of last-minute jobs as move day approaches. These tasks include cleaning your apartment well, meeting your realtor or landlord, canceling utilities, and much more. During this busy moment, you will be glad that you are 3 months ahead of the game.

You Can Start Packing Little by Little

You are going to shell out a lot of money for several things if you are moving a fair distance and you’ve got a lot of stuff. It does not matter if you book your rental truck and movers early. These things include bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, tapes, and much more.

Even though you can’t do anything about how far you’ve got to move, you may feel extra satisfied to lighten your load by eliminating clutters. Also, you can save a lot of money by packing your stuff by yourself since you have a lot of extra time.