6 Reasons Why You Should Use Furniture Padding When You Move

When moving your valuable furniture, how do you prevent them from getting scratched and nicked? Well, there is one answer. That is furniture padding. Almost every moving professionals use this method. Furniture padding protects and covers furniture. They also prevent items from getting dirty, aside from preventing damage to different items. Undoubtedly, they are the best tool for a mover.

Why you should use one? Here are several reasons.

Prevents the Furniture’s Legs from Breaking

The legs of your furniture are extremely breakable. You will probably damage or break one if you are not careful. Luckily, it is less likely that those legs will break off if you cover and wrap the furniture in furniture padding.

Easier to Move Heavy Items

Furniture padding also makes it simpler to move heavy items inside and outside of a house. Oftentimes, it is easier to just slide the item across the floor, even though using a dolly or lifting items is usually considered to be the ideal technique. You should be able to move the furniture across the floor without breaking a sweat by simply placing a moving pad underneath the item.

Prevents Furniture from Shifting While Moving

Using furniture padding prevents the furniture from moving while traveling. A piece of furniture is prone to shift and get bumped around when the truck is traveling. Luckily, furniture padding prevents this from happening. A moving pad acts as a cushion between different boxes and items. This will prevent unwanted damage to your belongings.

Protects the Walls in Your House

Covering furniture items in furniture padding and blankets protects your walls, aside from protecting the floors. Of course, there is a reason for this. It is extremely easy to sideswipe your walls while carrying heavy furniture out the door or down the stairs. Unluckily, this will result in chipped paint and banged up walls. To avoid this, use furniture padding. They are padded and soft. Therefore, it will not cause damage if you do hit the walls.

Keeps the Furniture Clean

Your items are bound to gather dust, dirt, and other grime from the moving truck when moving to a new house. Also, your belongings can end up damaged and dirty if it is snowing or raining outside. Luckily, wrapping the items in furniture padding keeps them from getting dusty and dirty. Aside from that, it also improves the chances that your belongings will safely arrive in the new home. It will also prevent water damage.

Protects the Floors and prevents them From Scratching

Furniture padding offers automatic protection for your floors. A piece of large furniture is hard to carry, from dining tables and chairs to consoles and heavy dressers. This means that accidents may happen if you are not too careful. Without wrapping it in furniture padding, you can end up scratching your floors if you slide or drop a piece of furniture across the floor. Luckily, furniture padding offers an additional protection layer between the floor and your item.