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Marietta Moving Company

Relocating from one place to another is never an easy endeavor. You will have to juggle your time to efficiently handle all the many things like detaching dishwashers, dryer, packing things, and more. We have experienced this dilemma, so we are offering a one-stop-shop to ease your burden for your moving requirements.

Movers of Marietta is your best travel buddy that shall make your local and long distance moving experience safe and on-time. If you need a professional moving service, don’t hesitate to lean on us today.

Fifteen years of experience serving the Atlanta area as a highly reputable local moving company

We are very thankful for all the people who trusted us with their relocation requirements. Movers of Marietta have been in this industry for more than ten years, and we take pride in offering world-class relocation services.

Our comprehensive and flexible moving services are time-tested for homeowners and business establishments. We understand the delicate matters when it comes to disassembling, packing, loading, and unloading your belongings from point A to point B.

Your things are in good hands with our seasoned and highly trained crews. If you need an extra hand for transporting your furniture and appliances, call us Movers of Marietta.

Highest quality moving services

Do you have fragile things to be transported like your porcelain wares, antique collections, or personal memorabilia? If you want a professional mover to handle and transport your valuables, then you can contact us Movers of Marietta.

We never do guesswork in making sure all your delicate belongings are packed, handled, and transported safely and efficiently. Besides that, we have greatly improved our ways since our inception in this industry.

Here are some of the services we have for you:

  • Local Moving Service
  • Residential Moving Service
  • Office Relocation Service
  • Long Distance Moving Service
  • Packing Supplies

No matter how near or far your things are to be relocated, Movers of Marietta is your all-around and dependable moving company. We take pride in our five-star relocation service for your home and office supplies.

Talk to our moving consultant so we can give you better and detailed advice on your relocation needs. We can give you a free online estimate to help you budget and finance your moving requirements.

Fully licensed and insured

You can never be too complacent when you are hiring a moving company. Why? Because there are a lot of fly-by-night companies disguising as a local mover. They have no intention of transporting your things to your new house or office. To safeguard your interest and welfare, it is best to verify if they are legit.

Movers of Marietta is one of the leading licensed and insured moving companies in Marietta, GA. We are a member of the American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Likewise, you can check our USDOT number online to verify our authority to do cross country moving service.

Further, we made sure all our movers are licensed and insured to guarantee your satisfaction and confidence in us. Besides that, we have been in this industry for fifteen years already. All our clients were pleased with our service since we 100% take care of their valuables.

Affordable pricing

It is a fact that the price will be one of your concerns about choosing your moving company. Luckily, Movers of Marietta offers reasonable and flexible rates and light on your budget. You can make use of our free online estimate to see how much will be paying to hire our top-notch local and long distance moving service.

We keep 100% transparency with our clients by printing a contract for all the details of your moving service. It will be your proof that you are going to receive all the services mentioned in the contract. Movers of Marietta maintains a fair pricing system for our packaging, cleaning, and moving service.

Get in touch with us today for inquiries and appointments.

Affordable Customized Packing Services

We understand that some of you like to pack their valuables on their own, so we offer a flexible packing service. Generally, we offer two main types of wrapping service: Partial and Full Packing Service.

  • Full Packing Service: For this option, our packers will be the one to wrap all your large and small furniture and appliances. You have zero headaches with this option. Moreover, you also have the option to either supply the packing materials or you can leave that to us as well.
  • Partial Packing Service: This option will give you more freedom and cost-savings because you will just be telling us which of your belongings will be wrapped by our packers.

Besides, we also offer a per room rate for wrapping your things. With this, you can leave the most unruly and challenging room for our packers, while you take care of your bedrooms.

Efficient and Safe Local and Long Distance Moving Service

Our local and long distance relocation service abides with the federal laws and guidelines imposed by the American Mover and Storage Association (AMSA). To ensure the safety and damage-free transport of your valuables, we will apply the right packing materials that will reduce tension and shocks.

Moreover, we have the proper vehicle to use for your moving requirements. We have various truck sizes to suit the size of your old residence or office. For large houses and offices, we are going to use our 20ft to 26ft trucks. Likewise, our crews are fully equipped with PPEs and moving tools for the task.

Guarantee a safe and stress-free moving

Movers of Marietta is one of the authorities when it comes to stress-free relocation service. We will be there with you starting from giving the free estimate until all your belongings land on your new residence or office.

Our staff will assist you with all your needs and concerns. We provide a full inventory list and protection for all the valuables we are packing and transporting to your new location. Our combined experience and expertise will guarantee the on-time and safe transport of your belongings.

For your hassle-free and affordable moving requirements, call us Movers of Marietta.