Decluttering Before Your Move

Do not wait until the day of actual moving arrives to start decluttering your home. To complete the process, it can take several days. This is especially true if you’ve never decluttered before. Give yourself enough time to go through all your items and choose what you want to toss, sell, donate, or keep. Here are several ways to declutter before you move.

Know Your Options

Be sure you know your options when it comes to parting with your items. Your options include toss, sell, and donate.

You should simply toss belongings that are unusable, torn, stained, or broken. Throw your items in an eco-friendly method as much as possible. Consider selling big-ticket items. This includes electronics, appliances, TV, or couch. For knickknacks, kitchen supplies, DVDs and CDs, old clothes, and anything else that’s still usable, donating is an ideal choice. Plants aren’t the easiest things to move. Consider giving them to neighbors and friends.

Also, decluttering is an ideal time to let go of duplicate items. Make sure that you’ll actually use those items before you go ahead and pack them up. Make sure they are worth the hassle. This will help you a lot when you are moving.

Be Methodical

Start small. One at a time, go through your belongings. Since it can get overwhelming quite fast, do not attempt to declutter a whole room at once. You’ll gain a sense of achievement as you finish decluttering smaller areas. This will help you tackle entire rooms and bigger spaces later. Make sure that you cover every space. This includes the storage closet, bedroom closet, kitchen, and bathroom.

To help with the process, have markers, shredder, and trash bags ready before you start decluttering.

Take a Break

Decluttering can be mentally and physically tiring. Therefore, you should take breaks regularly and celebrate your minor and major achievements. Watch funny videos, chat with a friend, have a relaxing cup of coffee. Knowing that there is a reward after every accomplishment can offer you additional motivation in getting the work done.

Set up a Pickup

You’ll find yourself with several boxes of items you would like to donate once you have completed going through every single one of your stuff. You can just drive everything to the nearest second-hand store or shelter if you’ve got a car.

However, if you don’t have one, it isn’t an issue. Several thrift store shops will pick items up for you. Therefore, you do not have to carry them across your neighborhood. The thrift shop will pick up furniture, boxes, and anything else.

Get Online

Lastly, it is time for you to deal with the belongings that you want to sell. If you want to keep things simple, you can just post a status on Facebook and ask your friends if they would be interested in purchasing your stuff. Oftentimes, selling to your friends is a lot less risky and easier than selling to strangers. Try selling on websites such as Amazon or eBay if your friends are not interested.