How to Change Address When Moving

Are you ready to change your address? Aside from the clear moving basics such as hiring professional movers or renting a truck and acquiring packing supplies and boxes, you also have to ensure you are notifying the right places and people about your move. Instead of doing this later, it is better to this earlier. This will help you avoid possible hassles such as services lapses or missed bills.

Update Your Mailing Address

Begin by updating your address with the USPS (United States Postal Service). They keep a record of your old home address and will forward mail automatically to your new one for 6 months.

Revise Your Billing Address

Your credit card company will probably not believe you even if the bill really did not arrive at your new home. In a sheet of paper, create a list of every bill you get and then call the companies to change your address. This will ensure you are receiving your bills. Also, a lot of companies will allow you to change your details online to save you time.

Catalog and Magazine Subscriptions

You can update your information online for your catalogs and magazines in almost all cases. Visit the website of the catalog or magazine. Then, in the online change-of-address form, input your client number. Typically, it can be located inside the flap or on the back of a recent issue. On the other hand, you can contact the publication and update your address over the phone.

Tell Your Family and Friends

Keep in mind to let your family and friends know that you have moved. Create a list of everyone you would like to inform to save you time. After you’ve created the list, you can send a more personalized moving announcement or a simple email with your new address.

Your Bank

When you shop online, your bank will have to confirm your debit-card billing address. Aside from that, they also have to send you statements. You might be capable of updating your address through your account if you’ve got online banking. However, if you don’t have one, you can call the customer service line of the bank or visit the bank in person.

Billing Address

If you update right away your profile with your new address, you can avoid headaches in the future if you regularly purchasing anything online. To save you time, a lot of online shopping websites utilize a one-click checkout feature. If you forget and order an item to your old home, this can prove problematic.

Organizations and Clubs

You get a subscription order each month in the mail if you are a member of clubs or organizations. That is why you should also make sure to call these companies or clubs. You might be able to change your address online. You might have to write or call to update your address with smaller organizations.

New Driver’s License

Lastly, do not forget to order a new state identification or driver’s license with your latest address.