How to Get Yourself Ready for a Move

If you are wondering how to get yourself ready for your next move, then we can help you. When moving, the list of things we must do can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the right preparation and planning, you can do all of those things on your list and still have time to relax.

Here are several things that you should do to get yourself ready for a move:

Clean Your Home

Before you move, removing unnecessary clutter is the first thing you should do. With this, when you arrive at your new house, you will not have to look for a place for those useless items. You can donate goods to a local charity or even host a yard sale to earn some cash.

Get Organized

You should always keep track of all your mail 2 months before your move. Create a list of organizations, subscriptions, and people that must be informed about your new address. Do not forget about your vet, your doctor, your insurance agent, your investment companies or broker, or your bank. Call the postal service for a change of address form before you move.

Cancel and Re-Order

Create another list that involves every contact detail for your utility service providers. This includes internet access, cable, water, electric, gas, and telephone. You can even transfer your utilities online to save you a lot of time. Keep in mind to call your window cleaning, lawn care, pest control, and other services to let them know that you’re moving. With this, you will ensure that you’ll not be paying for services you are not utilizing anymore.

Be Friendly to Your Movers

Make yourself available to answer inquiries on both ends of the move if you are hiring a professional mover. This includes the unloading and loading process. Check your home inventory document and ensure that the driver has the details of your delivery and your contact details.

Be Secure

Get rid of all tripping hazards, low hanging items, and rugs, whether you are moving yourself or hiring a professional mover. This means that you have to clear the walkways. While all of your things are being loaded and packed onto the delivery truck, ask for someone to take care of your pets and kids.

Know What You Are Packing

All boxes should be labeled. This includes the contents of each box and the room in which they belong. This will save a lot of headaches and time for you and your family.

Know What Not to Pack

Several things that a professional mover will not touch are paint thinner, pesticides, and lighter fluid. You can leave these items to your neighbor or make arrangements to move these items. Valuable items such as important documents, jewelry, and cash must be with you always.

Check and Double Check

You need to ensure that all of your things are loaded before the moving truck leaves. This can also be applied in the unloading process. Examine your garage, closets, basement, and attic for things you might have forgotten.