How to Move a Couch through a Small Door

One of the hardest tasks you face is getting your couch through a small door, whether you are simply rearranging your furniture or moving to a new house. Oftentimes, it’ll look like the couch will not fit through the door without damaging the walls or the furniture if the doorway is small or narrow and your couch is bulky, wide, and tall. Luckily, we have some tips for you.

Measure the Couch

To make sure it’ll fit through the door, measure the couch. Measure the diagonal distance, height, and length of the couch using a measuring tape. You can measure from the head cushion on the other side to the bottom of one front leg if you want to measure diagonal distance.

Measure the Door

Measure the width, as well as the diagonal distance of your door. You can have issues moving the couch through the door if the diagonal distance of the couch is bigger than the diagonal distance of the door.

Remove the Legs of the Couch

If you don’t think that the couch will fit through your door, remove its legs. A screwdriver, a wrench, or pliers will enable you to take most of its legs. Several older couches have legs that are non-removable. This means that you may have to saw them off.

Furniture Pad

Place a furniture pad on the floor near your door. Identify the side of the room that’s the most open. This side will offer you more maneuverability.

Use Cotton Gloves

If you need to touch the upholstery of the couch, you should wear a pair of cotton gloves. This will protect your couch from any damages. This will not be required if your couch is wrapped in plastic.

Ask a Partner

To help vertically stand up the couch, you should ask someone to help you. Make sure that you tilt your couch in a way that the arms face the most open area of the room. Let your partner stand inside the room. He or she will guide the couch as it comes through the doorway.

Slide the Couch

If the couch is short enough, you can slide it through the door. However, if it is too tall, you can slightly tilt the couch forward to enable it to fit through your door.

Final Step

Ask your partner to hold the other end of the couch. As you slide the couch forward, have your partner direct the other end. As you slide the couch through the door, your partner may have to tilt the couch to the right or left. Set the couch down carefully and slowly to avoid damage and injury when you fit it through the door.

Hire a Professional

Perhaps it is time for you to call a professional if you have tried everything you can but still can’t get your couch through the door. Oftentimes, professional movers have tricks and tips that they can instruct. There are also few professionals who can disassemble and assemble a couch.